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The last news on 8 April 2024:
February & March 2024 - Monthly report
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FusionSuite is a software can help you to manage assets and your IT service.


Incident, request, problem, change, knowledge…

Assets management

Manage the IT assets or the non IT assets.

Dynamic items

Create dynamic items, with properties you want. It’s flexible


Rules for rewrite fields.
Rules for send notifications.


FusionSuite has a web interface with responsive design: adapt to the screen of the device.

Works with FusionInventory

The backend has FusionInventory server code and works with FusionInventory agent.


The backend offer a standard REST API and documented. Very good to integrated to other projects.


Compatible MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server.

Free software

FusionSuite is a free software with an open project management.


Built with powerfull technologies (Ionic/Angular, Slim/Eloquent), to ensure modern features and compatibility.


Code, data and server security is a priority.


The application is fast, we need this!

Contributions welcome

The contributions from the community are welcome on our github.

Chat with us
Chat between users

Come chat with the FusionSuite team and with others users on our Discord server.



  • January 2023

    Retrospective && roadmap 2023

    Presentation of the retrospective of 2022 and roadmap of 2023

  • January 2022

    Presentation of the project

    The project is revealed to the world. YEAH!

  • December 2021

    POC is good!

    The features code tested and the performances passes the validation to continue the project.
    Creation of the logo and prepare the announcement.

  • September 2021

    Enhance performances of the POC

    Very bad performances detected, many modifications & optimizations begins in the code to be more efficient.

  • November 2020


    Think about features and begin to write the specifications.

  • March 2020

    Creation of the POC

    Begin of the POC after GLPI has pushed out the last community developers.

  • Our


Let us introduce you to the people who make the FusionSuite project a reality.

David Durieux

Project Leader

Maël Jeuffrard

Documentation leader

Laurent Lienhard

Docker making & documentation writer

Perhaps you!

Contact us to contribute!

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List of companies contributing to the project.
They have the expertise you might need on FusionSuite!

DCS Easyware

Spécialiste du support, de la gestion des environnements utilisateurs et de la gestion des infrastructures (production et exploitation), DCS poursuit sa stratégie en développant notamment l'intégration de solutions afin d'augmenter la valeur de ses prestations et répondre aux enjeux de ses clients.

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