July 2023 - Report of the month

The 07 August 2023

Here is the report for the month of July 2023.


During this month of July, the focus was on workflows, validation of the data schema of FusionInventory agent 3.0, preparation of user tests.

Here is the menu of this report.

II. Project events

II.1. FusionInventory 3.0 Agent Validation

The increased development of workflows, in this month of July, made it possible to have the first FusionInventory inventories with the agent in version 3.0 integrated into FusionSuite. This works perfectly and with the information you want.

The inventory works well, but obviously not yet optimized. Additional attributes can be added in the inventory agent and taken into account in FusionSuite very easily.

These tests thus make it possible to validate the new protocol (REST API) and the new data structure (in JSON format) of the inventory of FusionInventory 3.0 \o/

I was waiting for these tests to validate the new format and thus continue the code on the 3.0 agent, so very good news!

II.2. Community tests, registrations

It is now time to launch the first user test.

There are several important points to consider:

If you agree with this information and would like to participate, please send me an email filled in with the required information.

I will confirm your registration or not within hours of receiving the email, the number of registrations being limited.

I will send you a summary by email on August 29 with the URLs of the 2 instances (one personal and one global) to use on August 31.

Thank you very much in advance for these tests, the feedback will allow us to adapt the roadmap for this end of the year before the 1.0 release.

III. Development

III.1. Back-end

III.1.a Workflow

The workflow code has made good progress, unit and functional tests as well.

The code is done at 80% and the tests at 60%.

This should be finalized in August.

III.2 Frontend

III.2.a Type management

With the workflows, shortcuts have been added at the top in order to quickly go to the part requested in the type configuration (workflow, timeline…).

It’s functional, not yet very pretty on the other hand (but it will come).

III.2.b Workflow management

The development has progressed well.

Significant changes have been made to the code to make it simpler and more maintainable.

The code is done at 70%, the tests at 10%.

IV. Conclusion

The workflows are the most important part of FusionSuite, the first uses show the extent of the possibilities, and it’s really cool and exciting.

David Durieux - FusionSuite project leader

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